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More good reasons to hire a doula

Do you wonder why so many women are hiring doulas?

There are many important reasons to hire a professional doula during your pregnancy.

 THE EXPERTS recommend doula support as a preventative measure against primary cesarean!

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine has recently stated that doulas are an UNDERUTILIZED asset to the birthing woman's care-

Continuous Labor and Delivery Support
"Published data indicate that one of the most effective tools to improve labor and delivery outcomes is the continuous presence of support personnel, such as a doula. A Cochrane meta-analysis of 12 trials and more than 15,000 women demonstrated that the presence of continuous one-on-one support during labor and delivery was associated with improved patient satisfaction and a statistically significant reduction in the rate of cesarean delivery. Given that there are no associated measurable harms, this resource is probably underutilized."

A doula is like having BACK DOOR ACCESS to things that are not simple to "GOOGLE"
and all the things you dont feel like googling
questions like:
-which care providers or hospitals as are truly vbac friendly
-which hospitals are the most mother-baby friendly
-which hospitals have birth tubs or amenities (and actually let you use them)
-which care providers are .....(insert personal preferences here)
-how to increase my iron
-can I breastfeed while Im pregnant
-is it illegal to refuse certain procedures

You can ask your doula all the gross questions you need to. Or the ones you forgot to ask your care provider. You can probably even ask on a sunday afternoon through casual text message.
-Most doulas are quite friendly, and encourage you to reach out with those uncomfortable questions.

Doulas have tricks.
-Weird pains? Try this remedy or exercise.
-Breech baby? Let's get you properly resting, moving,  and exercising to promote turning.
-Baby's not engaged? Or perhaps a little tilted? How about we try a special position and some hands on rebozo work to encourage your baby to re-position
-Can't pee while youre in labor? I got a trick for that too.

Aren't sure it's labor? 
-Run your late night labor questions by your doula, and save trips to the hospital. (After all, she's ON CALL for you!)

Undivided attention in labor.
-The doula doesn't have to make phone calls, leave, or take many breaks
(well sometimes we do cause we're human)
-The doula's job is to provide continuous emotional and physical and informational support.
She'll bring you water,
call your nurse,
move your tables,
carry bags,
remind your partner to eat,
charge your phone,
get your slippers,
tie your hair,
hold your hand,
answer questions,
help you focus,
fetch cold or hot compresses,
help you walk to the bathroom (and remind you to pee)
help you manage your pain
apply counter pressure (and other fun doula tricks)
massage your legs and feet
help you focus or let go, (depending on which you need) through each individual contraction
encourage the heck out of you
-Your doula can allow your partner to take a nap, eat, or leave to attend things at home.

Your doula can make the birth more fulfilling for everyone
-Imagine if your partner didn't have to worry about remembering your birth plan, or didn't have to leave you alone to grab a meal.
-Your partner and family would have someone to answer spontaneous or random questions without holding up, or waiting for, your nurse or doctor.
-Studies have shown us that women with continuous support have much more fulfilling births

Your doula can remind your partner that some things that seem so intense, are in fact normal.
-Because, and I'm not even kidding, sometimes there are aspects of labor and childbirth, that just dont  seem normal.

 Your doula can help you stay calm
-Labor is intense. Your doula is your reminder that you are safe, or supported. She can help you refocus, and help you stay focused.

Your doula can outlast almost anyone.
-Partners, you'll thank us later. While you get some much needed rest, so you can better support the laboring mom, we'll be with mom. Attentive, loving, supportive...even long into the night, day, night....

Your doula is trained and experienced. She is a professional.
-She is trained how to support laboring women, and knows the ins and outs of normal (and sometimes not so normal) birth.
-She is taught how to provide a quiet haven for birth, to be present and yet invisible when she needs to be. She is taught how to touch, speak, and work with moms and their partners in this most intense life moment.
-Your doula is taught how to work productively for the laboring woman in the hospital, or at home. She is taught how to avoid conflict with hospital staff and still provide the continuous care the laboring woman needs.

Your doula likely knows many things about protocol, procedures, and what to expect clinically.
Things you may not anticipate.

Your doula can pickup on your cues!
Having seen and lived birth, doulas have been trained to use their intuition as often as their skills. Your doula will often know before you ask, what you need. She can sense moments, & respond to subtle cues

(Not always. We aren't magic. Or maybe we are. Who knows.)

Your doula can teach you how to use the hospital breast pump.
Yes, that is important. It's confusing. And sometimes you can't remember, or you've been given medication making you sleepy. Your doula can help you as many times as you need. Until you get it right.

Your doula can help you ask the right questions and find the right resources.
Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Your baby may end up in the NICU, your labor may be very long, you may be asked to wait before breastfeeding, you may be suggested a cesarean, pitocin, or other interventions. Your doula can help you ask the right questions, to get complete answers.
Often, the messenger (nurse or doctor) doesn't fully explain the details of the situation. They may say things like "we have to wait" or "you need to go now" or "we believe this is the safest option for your baby" or "What we like to do at this point"
With any of these decisions, it's important to weight the evidence, and make a decision for yourself.
Your doula can review evidence with you.
(often times she is an open book with so much knowledge, and with access to the right resources, often right at her fingertips)
She can help you explore your options by discussing and reviewing what she knows with  you or your partner.

In serious situations, having a good doula can be such a necessary support.
-Sometimes bad things happen. Moms, babes, partners, parents, can be traumatized or separated. This is such a heart wrenching time, no matter the level of trauma.
Your doula can be the continuous support, tending to the needs of mom, baby, partner, or family. She can answer some questions for the parents, help relay information to waiting family, or tend to the mother.

Your doula is your witness, she can help you process your birth.
- Your doula can provide some missing pieces to your birth, offering the timeline of events from her perspective. She can also answer questions you may have later, after your birth, in your postpartum period.

We won't speak for you
We won't bring OUR personal birth beliefs into your space
We won't push our ideals, or expect you to give birth any way except your own


Did you have doula? Did she bring anything you didn't expect to your birth?