Your Birth Matters

Your birth belongs to you, leave the rest up to me.


Birth doula services, childbirth education, postpartum care.


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When your work, isn't work

How do you measure success?

Your bank account?     
Career path?       

I think it's a flexible combination of all of these..

But when pieces don't fit, or you haven't found your niche, you can feel unaccomplished, unfinished, and unhappy..even if you have a paycheck, a home, a loving partner and kids.

I had a rough beginning. The first 21 yrs of my life were tumultuous to say the least.

While my young adult peers were working and making lives, I couldn't decide what I was, who I was, or where I was supposed to be.

Maybe not everybody feels this way, but this affected me. I reached for life's blessings in every wrong way, and it took a long time to settle down, let go, and focus on real life.
To find my Niche.

Becoming a doula changed my whole person.

They say when your work is your calling, it isnt work.

That is so true.

I couldn't be happier serving women, and I'm proud of my educational accomplishments and my experiences. But it's so much more than this.

I began studying midwifery first, then decided to work as a doula as well. Serving Women.

Birth work exposed me to true service,
the fragility of life,
the intimacy of human existence,

and gave me sense of the infinite connectedness, that is Love. Unbiased, Unjudging, Unconditional Love.

Holy goodness my work can have meaning? Leave me fulfilled? AND Make me money?

I already had kids (many kids) I already had my life-partner, I've always had my God, and then I found this last piece. My path.

It slowed me.

I'm glad it took this long

I love where I am today.

What do you do that you LOVE?